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Moldova opens new citizenship by investment for foreign investors


Moldova actively pursues for EU membership in the future.


Minimum Investment
EUR 100,000 one time contribution to public fund

Citizenship by Investment


Moldova launched first citizenship by investment program (CBI) officially in Nov 2018.  The CBI legislation allows highly qualified foreign investors participate in the economic development of Moldova. Some 5000 foreigners and their families are expected to benefit from the Moldovan investor citizenship scheme. The CBI scheme expected to bring some 1.3 billion euros to Moldova. The Government has setup Public investment fund to receive donations for citizenship.


Under the Citizenship by investment act, Moldova citizenship can be passed through family generations. The citizenship can also be granted to stateless persons and families.



  • Latest Citizenship by investment (CBI) opportunity in Europe
  • Citizenship in country from Eastern europe
  • Citizenship extended to future generations of family and children
  • ‘No residency requirements, language tests or business skills (purely investment)
  • Fast processing times (3 months)
  • All citizens are entitled to Moldovan passport
  • Visa free access to 121 countries in the world including Europe, Schengen area, Russia, Turkey etc..
  • Strict due diligence and vetting process proposed for Moldova CBI
  • Cheapest scheme for second passport.
  • Easy and smooth application process


House of government of republic of moldova, stefan cel mare street in the chisinau downtown, blue sky and clouds, national square


CBI investment options


Moldova Citizenship by Investment Program ("MCBI") is governed by  the Law No. 1024 of June 2, 2000 on the citizenship of the Republic of Moldova and the Government Decision No. 786 of October 4, 2017 on acquiring citizenship by investment.


  1. Donation  to Public Government Fund for Economic Development (EUR 100,000)
  2. Real Estate (EUR 250,000)
  3. Government bonds/stocks/securities (EUR 250,000)


Donation is the most popular option as it is cheap and processing time is very fast.

 Henley and partners won the tender to develop and promote Moldova Citizenship by investment program (MCBI). The scheme will have strict four tier due diligence standards and compliance procedures will guarantee the credibility, competitiveness, and long-term sustainability of the program.


Successful applicants will be issued Biometric (e-passport) valid for 7 years.


1. Donation

A minimum non-refundable contribution to the PIF starting from

  • EUR 100,000 for a single applicant.
  • EUR 115,000 is required for a couple,
  • EUR 145,000 for a family of four, and EUR 155,000 for a family of five or more.
  • Additional service fees total EUR 35,000 per application.


Government fees

In addition, applicants are required to pay government fees of

  • EUR 5,000 for the main applicant,
  • EUR 2,500 for a spouse,
  • EUR 1,000 for a dependent child, and
  • EUR 5,000 for a dependent parent. Dependent children can be up to 29 years of age, and dependent parents — of the main applicant as well as the spouse — who are 55 years of age or older can be included.

Due diligence fee

Due diligence fees are

  • EUR 6,000 for the main applicant and
  • EUR 5,000 for a spouse, dependent children older than 16 years, and/or dependent parents.

Passport fee

Biometric passport fees amount to EUR 300 per individual




Full list of MCBI fees


2. Real Estate


Moldova requires minimum required investment for citizenship starts from EUR 250,000. Additional fee apply

Home buyers will also qualify for permanent residence card, along with citizenship and passport.

Moldova has the cheapest real estate prices in Europe. The Property prices currently at lowest levels opening up vast opportunities for foreign investor in the real estate sector.


Radisson Hotel


Moldova to get a brand new Radisson hotel funded by citizenship by investment program. Foreign Investors buying hotel rooms in this project will qualify for Moldovan citizenship and passport.


Radisson Hotel, Chisinau


Radisson Hotel, Chisinau is a luxury conference hotel in Chisinau, Decebal Blvd 139, is being built with 450 rooms and is scheduled for opening in 2021. The hotel is 8 min drive from Chisinau airport and 4 minute from the train station. The hotel is built by Future Development, a London based property developer.


Moldova Radisson Hotel
Moldova Radisson Hotel opening in 2021


Investors required to buy a room in this hotel is EUR 290,000 inclusive of all costs including citizenship and passport for family members.  Bitcoin is also accepted as hotel investment.


Returns: EUR 2000 for first 4 years and after fourth year onwards, you will get 60% of the room price guaranteed by the developer. This is one of a kind exciting investment opportunity to own a real estate in Moldova.


We have partnered exclusively with this hotel project for marketing. Please contact us for hotel price quotes.


3. Government Bonds


Foreign investors  can buy non-interest bearing  bonds, stocks, securities for EUR 250,000 issued by Government in exchange for citizenship and must hold for five years. After 5 years the entire investment is refunded back to the investor while still holding citizenship for life.


Processing time


The regulations stipulate that the issuance of a certificate of naturalization under the MCBI program shall take a maximum of three months from the date on which the complete application is submitted, provided that the due diligence processes are carried out without difficulties.

Before an application is submitted to the government, all the relevant information provided (including the background of the applicant and any dependents) will be verified by one or more specialized due diligence agents. Furthermore, the specific fees must have been received, and the source of all funds must have been verified.

Once all the above requirements have been satisfied and the final payments have been made, a certificate of naturalization will be issued, enabling the passport to be issued immediately thereafter.


 Citizenship and Passport


Once the review of a file has been satisfactorily completed, the Secretariat will issue a recommendation letter to the Commission. If the Commission decides positively, the Secretariat will send the successful file to the Citizenship Commission to the Office of the President of the Republic of Moldova for the preparation, signing and issuing of the decree granting citizenship by the President of the Republic of Moldova. At the same time, the Secretariat will inform the Accredited Agent or Principal Applicant (in individual application), by issuing a letter of Approval in Principle, of the necessity to make the payments provided for in Table 2 for the granting of citizenship and the issue of the passport.

Subsequently, the applicant whose Citizenship Decree was published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova, will be invited to fulfill their obligations, and attend an agreed venue to swear the Oath of Allegiance, obtaining the certificate of citizenship and to provide the required biometric data.

Agreed venues can be selected from the following list of Moldovan Embassies and Consulates, in case the successful applicant is located abroad (arranged in coordination with the Secretariat)

1. Republic of Austria, 2. Republic of Azerbaijan 3. Republic of Belarus 4. Kingdom of Belgium 5. Republic of Bulgaria 6. Canada 7. Czech Republic 8. People's Republic of China 9. Republic of Greece 10. Republic of Estonia 11. Republic of France 12. Federal Republic of Germany 13. State of Israel 14. Republic of Italy 15. Republic of Lithuania 16. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 17. Republic of Poland 18. Republic of Portugal 19. Romania 20. Russian Federation 21. United States of America 22. Kingdom of Sweden 23. Kingdom of Spain 24. Republic of Turkey 25. Ukraine 26. Hungary 27. Consulate General of the Republic of Moldova in Frankfurt (Federal Republic of Germany) 28. Consulate General of the Republic of Moldova in Milan (Republic of Italy) 29. Consulate General of the Republic of Moldova in Istanbul (Republic of Turkey) , 30. Consulate General of the Republic of Moldova in Odessa (Ukraine) 31. Consulate General of the Republic of Moldova in Padova (Republic of Italy),  32. United Arab Emirates

When the passport(s) have been issued, the Accredited Agent or Main Applicant (if individual application) shall collect them at the Secretariat.


Moldova Passport


Moldova passport has visa-free access to 122 destinations, including all the countries in Europe’s Schengen Area but also, for example, Russia and Turkey.  


These countries Moldovan citizens can visit without visa


  • Visa not required: Indonesia, Israel,  Panama, Bosnia, Serbia, Ukraine
  • Visa required:  UK, Ireland, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan

Moldova passport

Moldova issues Biometric (e-passport) valid for 7 years before expiry.




The Decree of the President of the Republic of Moldova on granting citizenship, will be published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova. However the names of CBI citizens of Moldova will be confidential and will not be published in official gazette, replaced with file numbers,  to protect the confidentiality of applicants.  This special provision only given to investing citizens, who are other than naturalizing citizens.


E-2 Visa to US


Moldova signed a special E-2 visa treaty with United States  in 1994.


The E-2 nonimmigrant classification allows a national of a treaty country (a country with which the United States maintains a treaty of commerce and navigation) to be admitted to the United States when investing a substantial amount of capital in a U.S. business.


To qualify for E-2 classification, the treaty investor must:

  • Be a national of a country with which the United States maintains a treaty of commerce and navigation
  • Have invested, or be actively in the process of investing, a substantial amount of capital in a bona fide enterprise in the United States
  • Be seeking to enter the United States solely to develop and direct the investment enterprise.  This is established by showing at least 50% ownership of the enterprise or possession of operational control through a managerial position or other corporate device.


E-2 visas is one of the better alternatives to EB-5 for HNWIs, who do not want to immigrate to US, periodically visit US for business and tax planning.


Background checks


All prospective CBI applicants undergo strict background checks for criminal activity and source of funds. Moldova employs 4 level vetting system


The four-tier due diligence process consists of:

Tier 1: Public database searches (including sanctions databases)
Tier 2: Public searches
Tier 3: Background verification checks, conducted by contracted third-party specialist agencies
Tier 4: Government checks conducted by the Centrul Național Anticorupție (National Anti-Corruption Centre), the Biroul Migrație și Azil (Bureau for Migration and Asylum), and the Security and Intelligence Service, among others.


All applicants will be fingerprinted as a part of security measure (M5 – Fingerprint Form)


All applicants aged 16 (sixteen) years and older must submit original certified police certificates are required from the applicant’s country(ies) of citizenship and each country the applicant has resided in for 6 (six) months or more in the 10 (ten) years prior to application submission. Police certificates must be less than 6 (six) months old and translated into English and Romanian. Should a police certificate need to be officially requested, send a request to the Secretariat. If an applicant lives or has lived in the USA, an Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) report is required.


Military Records:  If any applicant has served in the armed forces, a certified copy of the appropriate military record(s) must be submitted. This document should include the status of discharge.


If the application is successful, the Secretariat will inform the Accredited Agent or Principal Applicant (in individual application), by issuing a letter of Approval in Principle, of the necessity to make the payments provided for in Table 2 for the granting of citizenship and the issue of the passport.




Taxes are based on residence not on citizenship.  Taxation applies for foreign residents who spend more than 183 days in Moldova per year.  Moldova has one of the most competitive tax systems in the region and has 48 operational tax treaties in place, which safeguard against double taxation with other jurisdictions. Residents of Moldova who do not carry out entrepreneurial activity have to pay tax on income from sources located inside the country, as well as from sources located outside the country.

Real estate and wealth taxes are charged for residents of Moldova. Wealth tax is charged on taxpayer’s wealth in the form of residential real estate, including holiday cottages (except for land plots), if a) the total estimated value is EUR 1.5 million or more and b) the total area is 120 m2 or more. The wealth tax rate is 0.8% of the taxable base.

Moldova offers foreign companies and individuals an attractive climate  to do business with attractive tax regime. The standard VAT rate is 20%, while the reduced rate is 8%. The recent fiscal reform established a unique tax rate on the income of individuals and corporates is 12%.


Belt Road Initiative


Moldova is set to benefit from China's Belt Road Initiative (BRI) scheme and two major roadways proposed in Moldova for $400 million. The BRI will have a positive impact on the economy of Moldova with significant increase in chinese foreign investment.  Moldova is set to experience economic boom, once the project is completed with millions of worth of trade goods, oil, supplies flowing through the route.


Moldovan citizenship may become for valuable for chinese business investors benefiting from trade.


Europe Comparison


Moldova has the cheapest, low cost and most affordable citizenship by investment in Europe compared to other CBI countries in Europe.


CBI Moldova Montenegro Malta Cyprus Bulgaria
Donation 100K 100K 650K 150K 1m
Real estate 250K 250K - 2 million 1m
Physical residence none 3 weeks 1 year 3 months 1 year
Permanent residency yes yes yes yes yes
Passport validity 7 yrs 10 years 10 years 10 years 10 years
E-Passport yes yes yes yes yes
Visa free access 121 124 182 173 169



  1. All prices in Euros.
  2. Malta, Montenegro, Cyprus = Donation + Investment model. This means both donation and real estate is required to qualify for citizenship.
  3. Malta requires 150K investment in stocks in addition to donation condition. Real estate is optional but must be rented
  4. Bulgaria requires 12-15 months residence requirements under fast track citizenship program
  5. Montenegro, Moldova are not EU member states.
  6. All have free movement in the EU Schengen area


Best CBI Rankings


The Moldova citizenship scheme was took 8th spot in a study that ranks best cbi scheme rankings. The study reported European citizenship by investment schemes are better compared to caribbean schemes.


The study took into account important indicators to rank a citizenship investment scheme among 14 schemes.


  • Privacy – Publish CBI names in Gazette
  • CBI Prices
  • Due Diligence
  • GDP per capita
  • Transparency of CBI scheme
  • Passport Validity
  • Biometric or e-passport issued
  •  Citizenship transferred to all family generations
  • Passport fee for renewals
  • Strong currency (USD index)


How to apply and start the process?

Moldova has a simple, smooth application process, in most cases the decisions are made within 90 days.  The Secretariat of the Commission of the Public Services Agency of Moldova is responsible for examining the citizenship file by participating in the investment program of the Republic of Moldova


  • Pay a small initial deposit EUR 10,000 to start the process
  • Authorized CBI agent will issue you application forms and agent will do initial due diligence.
  • Pay the due diligence and Govt processing fees (agent will quote you) and launch the application with the Moldova Citizenship by investment unit (CIU)
  • Wait for 3-4 months to receive approval letter from Government. This will be received by your agent
  • Once your CBI application is approved, pay the full donation/contribution or real estate lump sum to escrow account of the Government.
  • After receipt of all fee, you will be issued citizenship certificate and passport to all family members. You can collect these from your agent or at the concerned embassy/consulate.
  • Agent will issue invoices and will help you with passport renewals after expiry


Just contact us below for free quote


Application refusals


Moldova may refuse your CBI application, for these following reasons


  • Fraud, concealment of information in application forms
  • Visa denials from EU/schengen states where Moldova has visa waiver agreements
  • Failing due diligence or criminal record
  • Applicant from Restricted countries: North Korea, Somalia, Iran, Afghanistan or countries under US sanctions.



Please contact us for a private consultation regarding citizenship and residency in Moldova. We work with law firms, government agencies and real estate developers in Moldova.


About Moldova


Moldova is a landlocked country in eastern europe with a 4 million population with GDP $21 billion, pursues actively for EU membership. The country does not participate in the schengen zone, but Moldova passport is a valuable passport with visa free travel to Europe, Russia and 121 countries.

Panoramic view of Chisinau at the City Gates. Capital city of Republic of Moldova


The service sector has grown to dominate Moldova’s economy and currently composes over 60% of the nation’s GDP. Moldova member state of the UN, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, the World Trade Organization, and many more. The currency is Leu (MDL) with country code +373

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