Documents required for Moldova CBI

Applicants applying from foreign country must submit the following supporting documents for Moldova citizenship by investment program, according to government guidelines. Some important public documents need apostille or super legalization to be valid in Moldova as Moldova is also a member of Hague convention


Each individual forming part of the application should provide requested supporting documents as defined in the Table 3 below. With the exception of the requirements as stated in Section 3, supporting documents must be:

• Originals or certified true copies (in accordance with international treaties);

• Valid at time of submission;

• Accompanied by certified English and Romanian translation (where applicable, see Section 4.2).


Ensure that all required supporting documents for each applicant are provided in a timely manner, to avoid any delays.


Power of Attorney – (between the Main Applicant and Accredited Agent) A certified Power of Attorney should be signed and dated, in blue ink by every applicant 18 (eighteen) years and older. Ensure that the Power of Attorney specifies that it grants the authority to process personal data, to apply for the citizenship of the Republic of Moldova for all persons indicated as applicants for citizenship, and to submit all application documents, to sign the requests for transcription and to collect the passport/ passports


Birth Certificate or Adoption Records – Each applicant must provide 1 (one) certified copy of their birth certificate or adoption record, as applicable. In case of lack of the birth certificate, the certified and legalised copy of the extract of the documents confirming the birth is required. All applicants


Passport – A certified copy of ALL pages of every current passport must be provided. All applicants


National Identity Cards – A certified copy of ALL national identity cards (or other government-issued ID cards such as a driver’s license, residence card) should be submitted. Both sides of the card should be copied. All applicants Name Change Documentation If any applicant has had a name change, other than by marriage, that applicant must supply 1 (one) certified copy proof of name change (i.e. statutory declaration, deed poll, adoption papers). All applicants (if applicable)


Marriage Certificate –  If an applicant is married, 1 (one) certified copy of All applicants Moldova Citizenship-by-Investment Program Guidelines 9 the marriage certificate is required. (if applicable) Divorce Certificate If any applicant has been divorced, 1 (one) certified copy of the divorce certificate or other applicable document is required. All applicants (if applicable)


Police Clearance Certificate Original certified police certificates are required from the applicant’s country(ies) of citizenship and each country the applicant has resided in for 6 (six) months or more in the 10 (ten) years prior to application submission. Police certificates must be less than 6 (six) months old and translated into English and Romanian. Should a police certificate need to be officially requested, send a request to the Secretariat. If an applicant lives or has lived in the USA, an Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) report is required. All applicants aged 16 (sixteen) years and older Military Records If any applicant has served in the armed forces, a certified copy of the appropriate military record(s) must be submitted. This document should include the status of discharge. All applicants (if applicable) Evidence of residential address The Main Applicant is required to submit an original or certified copy of a document confirming their residential address (e.g. a utility bill, tenancy contract, title deed, or bank statement). The document must not be more than 3 (three) months old at the time of submission of the application. Main Applicant


Proof of Source of Funds – According to what is stated in field D2 of Form M1, adequate proof of source of funds must be provided (in original or certified copy). Suitable examples include:

• where funds are derived from salary or employment, confirmation of employment such as an employment contract, or a letter from the company; • where funds are derived from company shareholding:

a) Evidence of shareholding (e.g. register of shareholders); and

b) Evidence of Main Applicant Moldova Citizenship-by-Investment Program Guidelines 10 payment (e.g. director’s resolution);

• where funds are derived from the sale of a property, a copy of a sale agreement.


Single applicants: In the case an applicant has a child aged below 18 (eighteen) years that isn’t included in the application, a certified copy of the Birth Certificate is required. In the case an applicant is married/ divorced and their spouse isn’t included in the application, a certified copy of the Marriage Certificate/ Divorce certificate is required


Affidavits for children below and above 18


One parent and child: If only one of the parents acquires the citizenship of the Republic of Moldova, the parents will jointly decide on the citizenship of the child. In this case, the parent who does not acquire the citizenship will present his/her consent to the acquisition of the citizenship by his/her minor child. Consent is not given if the parent who does not acquire the citizenship of the Republic of Moldova is deprived of parental rights.


Parents: The Main Applicant must provide an Affidavit of support (original) for all adult dependents in application (children and parents), and/or additional documents confirming the absence of a personal source of income and/or the support provided by the Main Applicant.