Stateless persons eligible for Moldova CBI program

Foreign or stateless persons are eligible for Moldova citizenship by investment program pursuant to citizenship acquisition act through investment.


The minimum amount of the non-reimbursable contribution to the Investment Fund public for sustainable development is the equivalent of 100 thousand euros, and the minimum investment value in at least one of the development areas of the Republic of Moldova is the equivalent of 250 thousand euros.


  1.  Contribution to the Public Investment Fund for Sustainable Development is
    pounds in national currency, euro, Swiss francs or US dollars to the bank account
    of the Public Institution “Sustainable Development Fund Moldova”.
  2.  Strategic development of the Republic of Moldova is carried out on the basis of a plan
    investments for a period of at least 60 months, approved by the Commission.

The strategic development areas of the Republic of Moldova are:

1) the development of the real estate sector by acquiring and holding in property, for an uninterrupted period of at least 60 months, of one or more of many real estate with total market value, at the time of the investment, of
at least 250 thousand euros;

2) the development of the public financial sector and public investment through procurement and maintenance of state securities issued in




Stateless for foreign persons including family members, applying for MCBI must have


  • No criminal record or previous convictions or on interpol list or involved in swindle, embezzlement
  • Subjected to international sanctions
  • have visa denial with countries where Moldova has signed visa waiver with


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